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Quality Dietary Supplement Manufacturing

At Premier Research Labs, we take quality control very seriously to ensure that our products are safe and effective. To achieve this, we have advanced labs staffed by highly trained scientists for raw material assays, pathogen testing, and new product development. We perform extensive testing on every raw material and finished product to confirm its identity, potency, and safety.


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In-House, Advanced Lab Testing 

  • Advanced chemistry lab for raw material assays and identity testing by highly trained scientists. 
  • Microbiological testing lab for pathogen testing by highly trained lab personnel. 
  • Research and development/prototyping lab for new product development by your scientific team. 
  • No skip lot testing. Every raw material and finished product are tested for identity, potency, microscopy, heavy metals and more. 

Quality by Design Processes

  • Advanced manufacturing certifications: USP, NSF, Kosher, Organic and NON-GMO. 
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing equipment: blending, grinding, encapsulation, liquid fill, and automated cleaning equipment. 
  • Raw material identification testing with in-house, state of the art laboratory testing. HPLC, HPTLC, microscopy and macroscopy are performed to confirm identity through multiple lenses. 
  • Aflatoxin testing on every botanical to ensure product safety. 
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Warehouse Storage Control

  • All finished goods are stored in a temperature-controlled warehouse with mapping validation. 
  • Dedicated storage for organic raw materials. 
  • Dedicated walk-in freezers for raw material storage of temperature-sensitive nutrients such as probiotics, B12, etc. 
  • Allergen control plan and segregation controls at every stage of the process.

Positive Pressure System and Production Rooms 

  • Positive pressure rooms ensure a highly protective, contaminant-free processing workspace. 
  • Walk-in stability chambers based on ICH guidelines. 
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Enviromental Control

  • Stringent control of production zones to maintain ideal temperature and humidity levels. 
  • 24/7 wireless monitoring and alert systems allow ongoing temperature adjustments continually. 
  • Microbiological testing rooms throughout the facility and routinely swabbed and plated for aerobic and non-aerobic bacteria to ensure that safe microbiological levels are maintained. 

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Private Label With Us!

Over the last thirty years, we have become the industry leader in high-quality supplement manufacturing. We've achieved this by hiring and partnering with the greatest minds in the industry and holding a standard of quality without compromise!

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New Year, New View

exciting updates on how PRL continues to thrive as industry innovators and quality experts, skillfully adapting to our ever-changing world. Reflect on PRL’s legacy, celebrate the fruits of our labor, and explore how we maintain optimal growth and continue to propagate a healthy future that benefits patients, practitioners, and the planet.

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Regulatory Compliance

Truth be told, as a private label brand, YOU can be held accountable for errors and poor quality of the company that you manufacture with. Do you have full confidence that your private label is cGMP compliant?

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